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The church organist – multi-tasking supremo

The Church OrganistI created this for the congregation at one of the churches where I play.  I thought they might be amused, and I also thought it was worth showing them that “just playing a hymn” on a Sunday requires multi-tasking skills approaching those of a fighter pilot.



You are welcome to copy and reproduce this picture, as long as my website name remains on it. Download a hi-res version below.

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“The church organist – multi-tasking supremo”
  • This is brilliant! I have downloaded the high res version and will stick it above my keyboard to give me a good giggle when I’m practicing. The amount of people who think we just hop on and play and don’t understand the multitasking that is involved!

  • Hello. I have shown this to our parish organist (he had an Organ Scholarship to Oxford) – he particularly appreciated the comment about the B flat pedal! As he says, if the organ plays up the organist is deemed to have played a wrong note!

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