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Handy excuses for organists


We all have those days when our performance wasn’t quite as good as it should have been, so here’s a convenient list of suitable organist excuses.

Personally I would go for blinding them with science every time – our instrument is such a gift for this: some earnest exposition around pistons, couplers, diapasons and swell boxes, and only a fellow-organist would know you’re bluffing.



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3 Comments on
“Handy excuses for organists”
  • Love, love, love this list. Recently retired after 43 years at same organ, have been substituting. Think I may have quoted some of these in the last few months.

  • Very funny. The things we are expected to do. Though the first one is a lie. I am convinced that most worship songs are improved by being played on the organ. I love a good worship song arrangement, and have done a few myself.

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