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Manuals-only repertoire 2

Here are some more ideas for short manuals-only voluntaries:

Handel The Aylesford Pieces
This is a slightly miscellaneous collection of pieces – some like the Toccata are great little miniatures, others are a bit humdrum.  You can download them under a Creative Commons licence from the Mutopia Project website. (And if you browse around the Mutopia site you may well find other pieces that take your fancy.)

For something to fill a short gap (lasting only 8-10 bars) try the Anon 11 Versi per organo  from a manuscript in the Civico Liceo Bibliografico Musicale Bologna, and dating from the end of seventeenth century.  Download them under a GNU Free Documentation licence from the IMSLP website here

Cesar Franck‘s L’organiste is a collection of 59 short works written in 1889 and 1890 for the harmonium, but often played on organ. He originally intended to produce 7 pieces for each note of the (chromatic) scale, but came to a halt in the middle of A flat.  Download a public domain facsimile of the original edition published by Enoch (Paris) in 1892, here

A recent discovery is an excellent listing from the Royal School of Church Music of organ music for manuals only.  It includes much from the early English repertoire, with suggested editions, and also German, French and Italian music from 16th to 20th century.  Download it from their website, or from this link:

Listing remains copyright of Royal School of Church Music


And if you haven’t seen it already, here’s Manuals-only repertoire 1