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Forums for organists

Mander Organ Forum
Possibly the best, and probably the most opinionated, under the auspices of UK organ builders Mander Organs

The Organ Forum
Wide-ranging – includes threads on electronic organs and midi, reed organs and accordions, and a marketplace for people buying and selling

ABRSM Viva Organ
Not a large forum: quite new.  Focusses mainly on organ learners, and suitable music for organists in early stages

The Radio3 Forum
An independent forum for BBC Radio3 listeners
Radio3 is a UK classical music station.  Friends of Radio3, who host this forum, campaign against any attempts by the BBC at dumbing-down Radio3.  Organists may be most interested in a sub-forum The Choir devoted mainly to choral music and the regular live broadcasts by the BBC of Choral Evensong – discussion often strays to organs and organists