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More on the Moor double keyboard piano

Apologies to Klavier-Moor fans who have been waiting for me to post more.   I’ve added two pages – one with some downloadable pdfs taken from Herbert Shead’s book, The History of the Emanuel Moor Double Keyboard Piano which is the Moor piano bible, certainly for enthusiasts in the UK.  Herbert Shead died recently, but he was a driving force behind the Trust which owns several Moor pianos in the UK,

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The low-down on temperaments from Carey Beebe

Carey Beebe is a globe-trotting harpsichord maker, based in Sydney Australia, and I recommend his website to organists if they really, really want to get to grips with tuning and temperaments.   He explains the Pythagorean comma before launching into a discussion of no fewer than 18 different temperaments, with instructions of how to tune each one. So now I understand Pythagorean, Kirnberger and Werckmeister and Valotti – the latter a

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My secret weapon – the Moor double keyboard piano

I have no excuse for feeling uncomfortable about manual hopping on the organ, with this piano to practice on. This splendid instrument belongs to a trust, but lives with me. The keyboards are essentially an 8′ and a 4′ working on a single set of strings – on the upper keyboard a linkage operates the hammer an octave higher than the key you have depressed.  You can even couple the

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