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Edwin Lemare – playboy organist

Another of those organists who rose to fame and fortune in their lifetimes, but have since been virtually forgotten, Edwin Lemare will be remembered this weekend in his birthplace, Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight.  Frederick Hohman, Lemare specialist, will come over from the States for a lecture and concert at Holy Trinity Church, Ventnor, to mark the 150th anniversary of Lemare’s birth – full details below. Lemare is mainly

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Repertoire revivals – Theophania Cecil

Great importance is attached to the fact that both Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams played regularly on the Thaxted Lincoln organ, and this was one of the selling points for its recent restoration.   All very worthy of course, but the organ’s significance for me is that it was originally the instrument of Theophania Cecil, in the early 19th century, when it was installed at St John’s Chapel, Bedford Row,

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Anne Page and the demanding Dr Chipp

Anne Page tells me she has gone out and bought a new pair of Organmaster shoes in order to do full justice to the Introduction and variations on ‘God preserve the Emperor’ by E T Chipp, which she will play this Saturday as the finale to her Bloomsbury recital.  Dr Chipp (1823-1886) is another of those splendid organists who have been almost totally forgotten, but in their day cut quite

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Repertoire revivals – Charles Avison

Continuing my Newcastle theme this week, may I recommend to you the music of Charles Avison?  One of the pleasures of attending organ recitals is that of shamelessly appropriating other people’s repertoire.  Hilary Norris recently included a concerto by Avison in her recital at St Mary’s Northchurch, and I immediately went online and ordered the music.   Avison’s charming organ concertos make ideal programme fillers – although in several movements, these

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Repertoire revivals – William Lloyd Webber

My good friend organist Terence Atkins gave a recital yesterday which included no fewer than four pieces by William Lloyd Webber.  Terence has long expressed his enthusiasm for Lloyd Webber’s music – as he says ‘William Lloyd Webber was a household name amongst organists in the late 40s and 50s, and there’s a vast amount of his music waiting to be discovered.’ Much of his organ music is not particularly

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Repertoire Revivals – John E West, Passacaglia in B minor

My friend Jenny has been championing John Ebenezer West (1863-1929) and the virtues of his Passacaglia in B minor for about a year, and she’s delighted that it has now been published by Fitzjohn Music Publications, under the editorship of David Patrick.  It was written in memory of Josef Rheinberger, and described in a recent review as ‘a sort of village organist’s moment of wishful thinking’  – nothing like as

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Repertoire Revivals – Brian Brockless TOCCATINA

Adrian Brockless recently contacted me to say he was trying to get this little piece of his father’s better known.  Much of Brian Brockless’ organ music is pretty challenging, but the Toccatina upon Tallis’ 9th tune is straightforward both to play, and listen to.  Tallis’ Ninth Tune (hymn tune TALLIS ORDINAL) is used in rather clever canon, with a sparkling accompaniment – a good wedding piece, or recital encore, perhaps.

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