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RCO Summer Course 2013 – playovers and extensions

Nothing gets church organists going much more than a discussion of hymn playing – a cue for despairing anecdotes about unmusical congregations, and even more unmusical clergy.  Simon Williams kept us (reasonably) on track this morning on a Church Music workshop, taking us through hymn registration, length and style of playovers, and general leading of the congregation.   He shared with us the Daniel Moult Patent Hymn Extension Method – perfect

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Hymn book heaven

My church had a clearout of cupboards recently, and I volunteered a home for a selection of ancient hymn books.   It’s not just the old music typefaces I love (often clearer than in modern hymn books) but the snapshot of moral and social assumptions each one contains. The urgent work of converting Heathens occupies many of the hymn books from the late 19th to early 20th century: The Heathen perish

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