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RCO Summer Course – organ mirrors of the world

I try to control the trainspotter* tendencies in my personality, but I do like taking pictures of organ mirrors (wait for my fully-illustrated coffee table book Organ Mirrors of the World, Part 1 – it’s going to be a wow)  because they are often a makeshift and inappropriate afterthought to the case design.   However this one is pure genius.  The Chancel Organ at St Giles Cripplegate is awkwardly placed (so what’s

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Carl Hemann – neglected Yorkshire composer – another free download!

I have been delighted at the global correspondence that has hit my inbox and Twitter feed since my first post on my great-grand-uncle, composer and organist Carl Hemann.   At least two people have made the effort to tell me about their strong childhood memories of his music. Below, therefore, is another FREE download, this time of arguably his most famous piece, the British Cavalry, Grand March-Galop de Concert for pianoforte.

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Carl Hemann, neglected Yorkshire composer – free download!

I wear this distinguished connection lightly, but I am in fact the great-grand-niece of Carl Hemann – ‘Barnsley’s leading composer of music’ according to his obituary in the Barnsley Chronicle of January 1930*.   A church organist all his life, his real name was John Thomas Biltcliffe but he wrote under the name of Carl Hemann as ‘English people and other nationalities took more notice of a piece when it was under

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More on the Moor double keyboard piano

Apologies to Klavier-Moor fans who have been waiting for me to post more.   I’ve added two pages – one with some downloadable pdfs taken from Herbert Shead’s book, The History of the Emanuel Moor Double Keyboard Piano which is the Moor piano bible, certainly for enthusiasts in the UK.  Herbert Shead died recently, but he was a driving force behind the Trust which owns several Moor pianos in the UK,

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My secret weapon – the Moor double keyboard piano

I have no excuse for feeling uncomfortable about manual hopping on the organ, with this piano to practice on. This splendid instrument belongs to a trust, but lives with me. The keyboards are essentially an 8′ and a 4′ working on a single set of strings – on the upper keyboard a linkage operates the hammer an octave higher than the key you have depressed.  You can even couple the

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