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Boogie down the Bell and Jorrocks

Narnia (aka my new home of Frittenden, Kent) has a lively musical scene to which I am pleased to have made a contribution on Easter Day.  The builders are over the worst, and I was out of the polytunnel around the organ (Frittenden Diaries passim)  for a cracking Easter Service – my first with the choir singing an anthem (I was proud.)  Then full welly for the final hymn, including

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Playing in a polytunnel

On Sundays, in my new position as Director of Music in Narnia (aka Frittenden, Kent), I play encased in plastic. Not an attempt by the Parish to nurture their organist through the cold weather (or even to keep her in quarantine for the critical first three months), but essential protection for the organ from the Building Works over in the south aisle (a new glass upper room, and a kitchen.

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New Year, new job, and a moorhen that likes porridge

Due diligence has been performed.  I have filled forms, signed certificates of confidentiality, provided references, and acquired an enhanced DBS Certificate, which has been duly forwarded to the Diocese of Canterbury Safeguarding Office for inspection.  I have played for three services and not been found wanting. The Rector and the PCC have consulted on a careful job description. We have pondered the Royal School of Church Music recommended fees for

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